Mountain Tales Press imprints . . .

. . . Whisperings—a literary and visual arts magazine
. . . Mot Juste Series™—book publications in the style of the dime novel | chapbook and limited edition coffee table works of visual art


A literary and visual cultural magazine published four times a year.

Mountain Tales Press reserves the right to amend all dates due to unforeseen circumstances, and may tell submitter on a rolling basis.


Due to the Mountain Tales Press’s commitment to the artists and writers it represents, we are regrettably unable to accommodate requests to review unsolicited artist and writer materials at the present time.

We do invite you to send an email to In the “Subject’ line enter the topic of your correspondence e.g. “I would like to have my (art | literary) work considered for publication.” Then from within the mail’s “body” introduce yourself to Mountain Tales Press, provide an artist | author’s 95 to 120 word bio, and a synopsis of the (art | literary) work you desire Mountain Tales Press to consider. Note … this work cannot be a reprint nor may it be a work published under a different title. Upon receiving this, we shall evaluate the work’s synopsis, and if we find there is great appeal to our readers we’ll reply with an invitation to submit the work accompanied with submission guidelines.

Sometimes emails requesting submission do get trapped in our spam filter, so if you have not heard back from us after three months please contact us at You may, also, check your email spam folder. If found there remove—white list us.