Sitting on the veranda, among pines and oaks, looking out at my apple, pear, cherry and apricot trees with a hot cup of coffee in my hands I gaze east into the Colorado Desert 4,000 feet below, east to the Butterfield Stage route, east to the Salton Sea 233 feet below sea level and further off the Colorado River and east . . .

. . . east into America.

I mused how this land, its early people the Kumeyaay and the Yuma, its mountain men, its settlers and present inhabits of America stories could be told.

For here lays a great labyrinth of literary and visual culture. How to tell it? How to see it?

As I sipped my coffee, I pondered how I could offer the emerging writers and artists a means so they could present their work to the reader and viewer while honing their craft.

Folklore, poetry, prose, essays, flash prose and short-fiction as yet written.
Paintings, sketches, photography and photographic essays as yet viewed.

Ah, a fine literary and visual cultural publishing company … Mountain Tales Press and its imprints Whisperings magazine and Mot Juste SeriesTM books.

Whisperings—an international literary and visual cultural quarterly magazine is available in both digital and print editions.
Mot Juste SeriesTM – book publications in the style of the dime novel | chapbook. They are available in both digital and print.

— Carl D. Fredsti
Publisher | Founder