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Mountain Tales Press—keepsake publications that offers to the reader | viewer rich works of fine literary and visual art work.

 … memoirs, savory legends and tall tales of folklore, layering of meanings, symbolism, and irony of poetry, listen to the natural flow of words of short-friction or crisp thoughts in an essay. There are works of flash literature for those moments when you have only ten minutes for reading.

… rich tapestry of the visual world’s is presented in non-fiction photography, rich vivid photographic essays, and the art styles of folk art, Art Deco, contemporary art, Dadaism, and futurism art.

Grab your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy reading storytellers’ works of literature and viewing works of visual culture in our imprints . . . Whisperings magazine . . . Mot Juste Series™ books.

Friends of the Library

Here at Mountain Tales Press we encourage creativity of the artist—literature and visual art. Part of this effort is providing the readers | viewers broader access to our publication the Whisperings magazine.

Here in the quiet of the library one can nestle into an easy chair and read | view a copy of storytelling imagery work. Letting one’s mind roam and stimulate works of one’s own creativity.

So look for a Whisperings magazine edition on these libraries bookshelves.

Borrego Springs Branch Library
587 Palm Canyon Dr., Suite 125
Borrego Springs, CA

Campo-Morena Village Library
31356 Highway 94
Campo, California

Descanso Branch Library
9545 River Drive
Descanso, California

Jacumba Branch Library
44605 Old Hwy. 80
Jacumba, California

La Mesa Branch Library
8074 Allison Avenue
La Mesa, CA

Pine Valley Branch Library
28804 Old Hwy. 80
Pine Valley, California

Potrero Branch Library
24883 Potrero Valley Road
Potrero, California

National Library of Chuvash Republic—Russia

English Department Library of the Chuvash State Pedagogical University—Russia